Read Testimonials from Dieseltech Clients

You Have My Respect and Appreciation
“I am writing to you to sing amazing praises of your team member Aaron. On a Sunday afternoon (I believe his time off), he answered a distress call from me after making a bonehead move of putting gas in my diesel tank. I was freaking. He was so helpful on the phone; I was instantly more at ease. I asked if I could tow it to the shop, and when I got there, the gas was out, and my VW 5 CL one ton was purring again. A successful company such as yours that is willing to help the little guy in a spot, on a Sunday afternoon, will not be forgotten. Thank you for treating your employees so well, that they are kind and helpful to boneheads like me. Greatest respect.”
-Grant W.

Helped Us Out of a Tight Spot
“I want to give a big thanks to Keith and Dieseltech. They took a mechanic off of a job and came out to us right away yesterday to help get us back up and running. Without that truck we were in a tight spot.”
-Landmark Aviation

Dieseltech has My Full Confidence
"As previous general manager of Calmont, I worked with Brad for 10 years. He was a quick learner and became a top mechanic under my charge. I knew Brad had significant skills, but when I learned about Dieseltech, I was still skeptical about the probability of success given the complexity of starting and successfully operating a business of this magnitude.

From the beginning, I have offered, and Brad and his father has accepted, advice from me on various issues associated with starting and being successful in this business. I have watched the business grow and achieve measured success in spite of a significant slow-down in the trucking industry. I have also observed Brad’s commitment to job creation and apprenticeships, as well as his commitment to safety through his involvement with the Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors.

In my previous position as Fleet Superintendent for the city of Coquitlam, I felt confident sending work on City trucks to Dieseltech. On one occasion, I delivered to Dieseltech two 5-ton City of Coquitlam vans that were slated to be junked. The replacement costs for these vehicles would have been $220,000; I gave Dieseltech a maximum budget of $40,000 each to restore the trucks to good-as-new condition. These trucks were returned completely restored for a total of $70,000, and I had full confidence that the quality of work was such that this strategy delivered high value back to the City of Coquitlam. As a customer of Dieseltech, I have full confidence that I will receive an honest appraisal of the work required, a fair price to get it done and that Dieseltech stands behind the quality of work done.

Successfully starting and operating a transport vehicle repair business of this size and scope is a significant achievement. The shrinking economy during the Dieseltech start-up period and beyond additional challenge to sustainable success.

I understand that Dieseltech is being nominated in the Burnaby Business Excellence Awards categories “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and “Small Business of the Year.” I have no hesitation in supporting Dieseltech’s nomination in either of these categories."
-Alan K., Supervisor Fleet Maintenance, Metro Vancouver

Pleased to Recommend
"I’m pleased to recommend Dieseltech for the 2010 Burnaby Business Excellence Awards. The Brick has used Dieseltech exclusively for the last 4-5 years. I have worked directly with Brad and his team at Dieseltech on numerous occasions and their services are top-notch. We have been very pleased with the work they’ve done for us.

Dieseltech handles all of the maintenance for our fleet of more than 40 pieces of equipment (5-ton trucks, tractors and trailers). Throughout the years, Dieseltech has been on time and on budget with their work for our company. I would endorse them without hesitation and continue to do business with them on a daily basis."
-Rico P., Fleet Manager, Burnaby Distribution Centre, The Brick

A Story of Great Success
"It was just a few short years ago, a young man and his father approached me with a business idea. They wanted me to help get their business started.
At the time, the economy was rough and the market was on a down slope. Bad timing, I thought. Hesitant, but curious, we headed upstairs and the proposal began.
They explained to me they were about to open up a 5-bay shop in an undisclosed location and that they were seeking a supplier that would supply them with a maintenance system and consignment inventory. They had never been in business before nor did they have prior credit. The main concern was, there were plenty of other reputable shops that had been around for a while who were finding it hard to keep their businesses afloat. How could we take a chance on them?
After careful consideration, Harbour International and this young man came to an agreement of terms and he was full steam ahead.

This young entrepreneur is Brad Halco and his company is Burnaby Dieseltech.

From day one, I was surprised at the amount of customers Brad and his team brought through their doors and the positive business rapport they instilled and still use today. My orders kept getting larger, which meant his client base increased on a regular basis. Business was strong for Brad from the beginning, only to get better with time.

Brad takes pleasure in surrounding himself with knowledgeable technicians and takes pride in training his technicians.
Dieseltech’s accounting staff has always paid statements on time, which has allowed us to establish a charge account sooner than expected. Dieseltech has always run smoothly, from the shop to the office and everywhere in between.

Today, the economy is still rough and the market is still slow, but Dieseltech has made a name for itself. But, we must not forget the man behind the business, the man behind the success, Brad Halco. Congratulations on all your accomplishments."

-Adam F., Outside Parts and Service Sales, Harbour International Trucks

Dieseltech Truck Repair & Mobile Service

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